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Innovative learning methods for Kids & Beginners.


One to One Live Classes

We assign an individual teacher to every student. Every teacher is having back-up teacher along, if in any case teacher is unable to conduct session, our back-up teacher continues the sessions. Read more

Female Teachers

Our female teachers conduct sessions that are fully interactive with synchronized mouse pointers and text chat along with audio and visual techniques to help you learn Tajweed faster and better. Read more

Result Oriented Curriculum

Our profound curriculum ensures a complete dissemination of all the essential rules of Quranic recitation and understanding of the Holy Text with thorough evaluation techniques to promote memorization. Read more

Story Telling Sessions

We have included Quran based story telling sessions in our curriculum. So that our young generation should know about the practical implications of the valued religious knowledge they are being taught. Read more

What so different about “Quran – The Light” team?


We Do Offer Free Demo Class:

Demo class help teachers to understand and analyse the level of students. It is equally essential to students’ parents/guardians to select the best for their child.

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Learn Quran: Along With Tajweed

Learning Quran with Tajweed is the ideal thing that majority parents wish to teach their children. We groom children taking Tajweed as the basics.