One to One Live Classes

Our one to one live online Quran classes make sure that your child learns the Holy Quran in an effective manner under the guidance of one of our expert female teachers. Understanding the pressures of everyday life on our young generation, which have made it quite difficult for them to maintain a balance between their worldly and spiritual responsibilities, we make sure they can avail their classes at the time of their preference. In case the teacher is unavailable, we always have a back-up instructor to conduct the sessions. Furthermore, to facilitate our students above and beyond, we have incorporated the best learning techniques to enhance their learning capabilities.

Our one-to-one live classes make sure your child receives our assigned instructor’s individual attention and ensure that he learns at a faster pace yet in the most interactive manner, allowing a complete flow of essential information. This lets our teachers understand your child’s particular way of learning, so that they can fine-tune their teaching styles to match your child’s distinct needs.

Learning the Holy Quran online is a very dynamic idea and to make it even more successful, our one-to-one live classes have been formulated with the concept of creating a passion for learning the Holy Quran within the children of the Muslim Ummah in the most interesting and engaging manner. Our one-to-one live sessions make the entire learning process a lot more fun and exciting for our young generation by encouraging them to participate in compelling activities. We understand that today’s young generation love using computers and the internet, our live sessions are aimed at delivering highly compulsive online courses absorbing all their attention and creating an urge to learn more and more.