Result Oriented Curriculum

At Quran – The Light, our team of highly proficient Quran teachers have designed the best range of specific curriculum for each student’s diverse ability to learn so as to impart Quranic education in the most well-planned, orderly and systematic manner. Our teachers go out of their way to pay individual attention to each student.

To ensuring quality results, our team of Islamic professionals continuously revises the curriculum to include latest research in the field of Islamic studies. Our profound curriculum ensures a complete dissemination of all the essential rules of Quranic recitation and understanding of the Holy Text with thorough evaluation techniques to promote memorization skills of the students. To make it all interesting and captivating, our friendly and polite teachers include story telling sessions to enhance students’ level of understanding and encourage practical implication of all learned concepts.

We believe in delivering Quranic education in the most interesting manner to shape the future of our new generation and teach them to follow the righteous path. And for that, our team at Quran – The Light incorporates all the latest and innovative learning methodologies to ensure our students have a firm grip of all the basic as well as advanced Islamic concepts. With years of experience, our Quran teachers have helped thousands of students develop superior skills and knowledge of the Holy Quran with the best curriculum including easy steps and effective lessons on learning the Islamic studies.

Our team works with its heart and soul to create stronger individuals equipped with the complete knowledge of Islam Deen so that they can understand the true spirit of Islam our Deen and live as respectable citizens of our society as well as reap the rewards of blessing of Almighty Allah in the hereafter.