Story Telling Sessions

In the Holy Qur’an, there exist various chapters that are based on the lives of the prophets sent by Allah. For example chapter 28 known as Al-Qasas (The Stories), is itself evidence that man learns through stories and narratives. The whole of chapter 12 Yusuf (Joseph) in Qur’an is based on the story of Prophet Yusuf and his 11 brothers, Prophet Ya’qub (Jacob) and Zulaikha. These stories have been mentioned so that we can learn important lessons of Islam and follow them in our daily lives. By reading and understanding them, we can distinguish the right from the wrong and lead a prosperous life as a good Muslim.

At Quran – The Light, our teachers make sure to keep the interest of the students alive throughout the sessions. For this, they deliver lesson-oriented Islamic stories based on the teachings of the Holy Quran to help them understand the basic concepts of our Deen and cultivate the right behavior and attitude in accordance with the teachings of Islam. This method of delivering online session makes learning a lot more exciting and fascinating while also enhancing personal development and social inclusion.

Our story based learning sessions have been very effective in shaping the behaviors of our students and facilitating the understanding of Quranic concepts among individuals of all ages. This is the reason why our curriculum includes one of the largest collections of moral-based Islamic stories on different topics. These inspirational and soul touching tales provoke useful thoughts and exemplary behavior. Seeing the importance of teaching Islam to our children from a very young age so that we can mold their characters in the right direction, our team of female teachers at Quran – The Light constantly use short Islamic stories to enlighten the students’ inner self and make them upright individuals of our society. These stories are about various Islamic notions like Unity in Islam, Muslim Characteristics, the concept of Islamic Charity, Companionship and friendship in Islam and Generosity and Kindness in Islam.